Monday, 25 November 2013

Gods: Work in Progress.

Sometime ago, the protagonist in one of my novels (Sacha—The Way Back), made this comment.
When the prophet of yore said that ‘ye are gods’, he forgot to add that to be gods you must act like gods. And gods don’t make mistakes. We do.”
There is a fundamental difference between the potential and its fulfilment. We, humans, are particularly spoiled.
Our genome carries hereditary information that spans millions of years. Even before we became bipeds our bodies went through evolutionary cycle accumulating primary knowledge, which enabled us to climb the evolutionary ladder. In case anyone thinks that they’ve reached an evolutionary apex, then let me assure them that we have a few billion years to go, before we are likely to be able to understand what evolution is all about.
Before we shall be gods even by today’s standards.
Of course, by then, a billion years hence, our expectations will have risen.
Yet, even today nature spoils us beyond reason. According to “Live Science”, Jan 24, 2013 report - “The average male will produce about 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime...”
By contrast, women are born with an average 2 million egg follicles, yet by puberty, ‘only’ about 450 follicles will ever release mature eggs for fertilization. Luckily, this puts man’s absurd abundance in check.

Why such abundance? Such unmitigated waste? Such seeming ridiculous potential?
Ah, yes, it must have to do with our potential. Somebody else is controlling our bodies; the use of our mind is obviously lagging behind.

Given enough follicles, 25 billion sperm cells represents the potential each man has to populate not just the whole planet, but a habitable planetary system, or even a goodly segment of a galaxy—all by himself. Women do not have to worry. Many wise men told us that we all take turns, in alternate reincarnations, in the sexual orientation. And if worst came to worst, we would be limited, together, to 450 follicles each. A lot better than “Adam and Eve”! No wonder some of us, men, expect a minimum of 72 virgins. 
Never mind…
This may sound like science fiction, but if you have a better reason for the absurd abundance of our physical body then I’d like to hear it.
But let us take a step further.
If our physical potential represents a potential many billions of times greater than we can utilize today, could our mental potential be any less? Would we not need an equal abundance in mind-power to rule and/or administer our galactic segment even as… perhaps, our elder god-brothers do today?
Just think. You and I might be 25 billion times smarter than we are now.

If we take our present condition seriously, the status of gods-in-waiting, then we might think again how to conduct ourselves here and now—even if we are, at present, no more than babes in arms. Winston thought so. Let me know what you think. Try my Winston Trilogy. Or at least, the last part. 

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hidden Wealth

2500 years ago, Socrates, recognized as perhaps the wisest man ever, and most certainly of his day, made a very strange statement. He said: “I know that I know nothing”.
Almost 500 years later, a man called Yeshûa, known to most as Jesus, expressed the same sentiment. He’d said, “Blessed are the meek at heart for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. To an unsuspecting onlooker those two statements do not appear to be saying the same thing.
Yet, there are. Surely, Socrates must have been very meek at heart to have asserted his ignorance.
Both men state that unless we are willing to admit that we are meek, unless we admit in all humility that we know nothing, the knowledge deeply embedded within our subconscious, let alone our unconscious, cannot penetrate the ramparts of pseudo knowledge we have accumulated in our physical form.

There is a fundamental difference between the knowledge acquired from books and that which reaches our awareness from within. The first deals only with exigencies of the illusion of reality which most of us recognise as our world. We are invariably forgetting that the physical or material reality is in constant ferment. Countless quadrillions of atoms continuously spinning in wild abandon, time shooting past our awareness, invariably leaving us behind the latest discoveries. Even stars and galaxies are receding from us at near the velocity of light, while those closer by are threatening to explode into novas, or collapse into the unknown mystery of black holes. And most of all, when we look at the very building blocks of what we regard as reality, when we look at atoms, we forget that they consists, essentially, of empty space.
Behold our reality.
Empty space.
An illusion.

Many mystics attempted to point our attention in the direction of truth. We pretend to listen, only to revert to our old ways. Living an illusion seems the choice of Homo sapiens. Paradoxically, the Latin name, Homo sapiens, means “wise man”. It is the name we have accorded ourselves, the presumptuous apes, who think they know almost everything. Actually ape means: “the imitator”. Not creator of new—but imitating what’s already there. We specialize in illusion. In imitating.
We delude ourselves. 

The mystics went ignored.
In the meantime, the scientists are actively looking for the Theory of Everything. They want to know absolutely everything about absolutely nothing. About empty space.
A wise man once asked what would the physicists do if one of them discovered the theory of everything? There would be nothing for them to do. Would the world end?
Or would they finally discover that for the last few thousand years they had been all travelling assiduously in the wrong direction.
Travelling without, rather then… within.  

I share some thoughts on the subject in my book below. I need your input—your thoughts from within. You can also share them with others with a brief review. Thanks.

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wisdom of the American Forefathers

The wonderful thing is that in spite of the fact that the whole universe (of which we are aware) exists only within our consciousness, we all benefit from the contribution of all other individualizations of the omnipresent Single Consciousness. I spell It in capital letters to accord it equal importance to that which people usually assign only to their chosen divinity. Since each religion stipulates its own God, I prefer a “nondenominational” term.
And this brings me to today’s theme, to the American Forefathers. In their wisdom they incorporated the phrase E Pluribus Unum [Out of Many—One] into the seal of the United. A truly inspired decision.
But it’s more complicated.
There is a fundamental difference between the subjective and objective reality. Every concept of reality is born within. It may be stimulated by the input from our senses, but it must grow within our consciousness, until we are ready to share it with others. When many share the same idea, it becomes objective. E pluribus Unum, out of many a singular reality. That is how the USA was born.
The first chapter of Genesis in the Jewish masterpiece the Torah, describes how the divine spark within us brought ideas (the word) into our awareness. How the subjective idea that is born within, manifests itself without, by sharing itself with others.

That is the act of creation. I will NOT tell you how it happens, although you’ll find essays on the subject in my Beyond Religion Series that may help.
But I can suggest to you how the ancients thought it might happen. They created a magnificent compendium of symbolic ideas to share the idea with us. After all, life is change—and thus truth must be continually rediscovered in its infinite manifestations. You’ll have to decipher it yourself. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism will make it possible for you. You’ll find YOUR understanding, NOT somebody else’s. It’s up to you. The knowledge lies within each one of us. While truth may be one, it manifests differently through every one of us. Why else would the universe exhibit such astounding diversity?
Once again, enjoy!

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Wonder Children

Did you ever wonder how come Mozart was able to compose classical, perhaps immortal, music at such an early age? There are others like him. We know them as child or infant prodigies. They are children who have knowledge and proficiencies which they could not have acquired since they were born.
Wikipedia lists hundreds of them. I suspect there are thousands more, unknown. They graced our species with their presence over many years, in many different fields. Did you ever wonder how could such genius let alone such an incredible diversity be possible?
They come under many names. Wunderkind. Enfant prodige. Prodigio. Cudowne dziecko. Csodagyerek… Every nation seems to have a special name for the unique, wonderful, incredible, inexplicable occurrence or talent.
A wonder child. It really sounds great, doesn’t it?
There have to be a lot more of them than we imagine.
Ever wondered why?
Or how, for that matter?
Incomprehensible… unless we accept the concept of reincarnation.

I want to tell you secret which you must promise to keep to yourself. It is incredible but… true. Ready? We are all wonder children. Every single one of us, only… later, somewhere along the way, the wonder seems to dissipate into the ethers… Conformity is forced upon us from day one.
Pity. Great pity
First our parents. Then teachers. Then priests and other religious leaders. Then professors at ‘higher’ institution of ‘learning’, bosses, political leaders and other dubious paragons of virtue…
Did you know that Einstein said that: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”? I might add, that we must forget even what we have learned before school, and keep only that magnificent storehouse of knowledge with which we were born. Then, and only then, we can develop it further.
After all, if our genes carry evolutionary knowledge going back millions of years, should we expect any less of our minds?

Some of us do remember. Vaguely. Perhaps not at conscious level, but the knowledge, the experience of past lives lingers at the periphery of our subconscious at that tremulous border between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If we sublimate our ego and admit the full potential developed over thousand of years to manifest itself, we begin to wonder at our own true heritage.
I feel it is within the power of every one of us to try it. To try it soon. Before the mists of “learning” imposed on us by our “superiors” obfuscate what is truly ours.
Please, please, don’t delay.

The story of one such child is told in the life of Sacha, a novel I wrote some time ago. Sasha—The Way Back. Perhaps before my own learning was hidden by the input from schools and institutions of higher learning. You might even enjoy the whole Alexander Trilogy. Let me know what you think. 

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mysteries are OURS to solve

I am convinced that there is only ONE life regardless of reality in which it manifests itself. It seems that it is up to us to solve the mystery of how it manifests through our consciousness. It appears that reality has its own rules, even new dimensions—in the next reality we enter on leaving our physical bodies it is imagination. Whatever we imagine becomes instantly real. Likewise, the moment we remove our attention from it, it ceases to be. It takes some getting used to. We’ve all experienced it in our dreams. With practice, we can dream in full consciousness.
In one of my blogs I mentioned two vital items. One—that the subconscious NEVER forgets; and two—that as a direct consequence of ‘one’, the subconscious is the basis on which we build our ‘heaven’, i.e. our permanent abode.
To date, no scientist, or mystic, has disproven this theory. It will remain a working hypothesis until someone discovers a new theory that makes more sense.
What is more vital is that if my theory IS right, then by not taking advantage of it we risk our future for, perhaps, millions of years. Time in other realities is measured on a different scale. Remember dreams? I for one am not prepared to take that risk.
Are you?

There are consequences.
If our ‘heaven’ is made up of our thoughts and experiences while in the physical embodiment, we might be wise to assure that the reality we are creating is the sort of reality in which we’d want to spend a long time, let alone eternity.
Two thousand years ago a wise man said, “Whatever we fasten on earth will be fastened in heaven.” Hence I find it extremely important that whatsoever I fasten here is replete with fun. Yes, mostly fun. I fully intend to build a heaven for myself that will be full of joy, of fun, of laughter. Hence I’m careful what friends I choose, here, on Earth. On this valley of laughter.

It seems that we have no right to expect anyone else to build a heaven for us. After all, no one on Earth knows better than we do what we really like. I feel we must be very careful what thoughts we commit to memory, to our permanent memory storage. To our subconscious.
Hopefully, in each next incarnation, we shall be able to add to it, even if we’ll be unable to erase the past. It’s a one-way trip. In that sense, and that sense only, it seems to be forever and ever.
And that is a very, very long time…
In his gospel, Thomas, of the Nag Hammadi Library, attempted to explain it further. If you’d like to write a review on Amazon, it’s yours for free.

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Friday, 1 November 2013

The Enigma of Peter & Paul (Why Immortals have fun).

We might sometimes forget that once we realize that we are immortal there is virtually nothing that can stop us from having fun.  True, we have to pay for our mistakes, but, well, so do all children, don’t they? And in the context of immortality we are all… children. Aren’t we?
As for the transient stay in the physical reality, we have an abundance of choices. Lately, thanks to some scientists, more alternatives are likely to be developed. Who can tell what marvelous biological robots we might be able to choose for our future incarnations?
We often forget that the two functions, which the biblical characters, Peter and Paul, performed more than two thousand years ago, continue to this day. Only today, there is one fundamental difference.
During the Age of Aquarius, the functions take on a very different form. Part of the job that Paul did is now taken over by science, with or without the establishment’s blessing. We are on the verge of creating new means through which the Universal Consciousness can function and experiment.
Let us never forget that you and I, and every animal and every plant or ‘living’ biological and/or zoological construct is only here for this single purpose: to diversify the experiences of the Universal Consciousness. The more different we are, the greater the diversity. The more fun? The more we participate in this eternal experiment, the greater our personal experience and thus happiness. After all, essentially, we are all One—intelligent drops in an endless ocean. 
E pluribus unum, states the Seal of the United States. One out of many. They got that right!

Yet again, in this Age of Aquarius, our participation has taken on a greater form of expression. The man John Craig Venter comes to mind.  He is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He works on providing new elements, perhaps evolutionary mutants, which will lend themselves, in time, to become embodiments for consciousness within the physical realm.
Although our reality is essentially imaginary, after all, we are mostly empty space, nevertheless this reality which is so real to most of us serves to try out new ideas that originate in the Unconscious. Only let us never forget to have fun. After all, we are here, on Earth, only as visitors. Our true realm is elsewhere.
As for Peter’s role, once again, in this new Age, for the first time in human history, the search for the true reality is entrusted to individual men and women. Symbolically, we are to water our own gardens. We are to enrich our own consciousness. On our own.
It sounds as though we are finally Coming of Age.

Some of us knew this a little while ago. All my books deal with Human Potential ( but the book below might help you to become masters of your own destiny. To plant the seeds of success and then sit back and watch them grow. To watch beauty and success grow all around you.  

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