Sunday, 29 June 2014

I AM — Our Multiverse Connection

“This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.”* And since that day on Mt. Sinai, burning bush notwithstanding, people tried countless interpretations of I AM. Yet to this day, most of us have no idea what Moses was talking about. Perhaps Charles Fillmore came closest, by advocating his students to substitute “I AM” each time the Scriptures use the word “Lord”.
Close, but no cake.
Luckily, these days, we have Internet. It helps to explain.
I must stress here that I am (small ‘am’) neither theologian nor biblical scholar, but I have learned a few things about the Internet. I know that by pressing a button or two on my laptop, I gain immediate connection with an ocean of information spanning the globe. I can even preset it so that a single button will connect me with, e.g. Wikipedia, which, once again, is practically a bottomless well of information and knowledge. When I first discovered it, I found it flabbergasting. I felt a surge of power cursing through me. “I shall never be ignorant again,” I proudly assured myself. Whatever human mind ever produced is mine to hold, to use, to apply, to cherish, to enjoy. I did—ever since that first day.
And… so it is with I AM.
I AM is not god, with or without a capital G. Nor is the Lord, again capitalized or not. In modern language I AM is the indispensible means through which we can connect not only with the global heritage of man but with both, the potential and the manifested multiverse. With our subconscious (our heritage) and our unconscious (the universal un-manifested potential).
There is no other way.
The connection lies within us, within our consciousness, and has the property of giving us access to Universal Consciousness, which is inexhaustible, indestructible, omnipresent, all-powerful, infinitely benevolent, creative, and ours to draw on in case of need.

On the day anyone discovers I AM, he or she become invincible. Gradually we transfer our identity from our ego to I AM within, and we begin a new life, as though we were only just born to a new reality. Of course, I AM is in a state of being. We strive to continue becoming.
How to discover the connection? Try alpha waves. They are the straight and narrow path at the end of which flows a mighty river that will sweep you with irresistible power. It is yours to drink from, to use for better or worse, yes, both lie in your power. Only, remember, there are universal laws, and one of them is that of Karma. The greater the power you draw from that River, the grater danger you hold in your hands.
But, lets face it, heaven is for the brave, the intrepid. It is for men and women who dare. “Ye are gods”, and that’s what gods do. They dare.
*Exodus 3:24
*Psalm 82:6

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Within and Without

Nothing ever happens on its own. Whatever you see, or smell, or touch, or perceive with any of your senses, must have arrived at the doorstep of your consciousness after it was brought into the phenomenal reality from Within. Within lies the Infinite Potential that, over the infinity of time will become manifest, and we, individual expressions of Omnipresent Consciousness are instruments, one might say indispensible instruments, in this creative process.
It happens at two level of consciousness. The Unconscious offers ideas to a receptive mind. Then we take over. We draw on the experience we have stored in our subconscious and, though conscious manipulation, bring it out into the phenomenal reality.
This is not to be confused with the evolutionary processes, of which there are many. The creative process concerns itself exclusively with bringing the potential into the manifested. Later, the evolutionary process plays with that which already ‘is’. Which is already extant in the phenomenal reality.
Some of this process has been automated. The knowledge has been stored in the subconscious as well as at phenomenal level, over millions of years. Perhaps billions in other galaxies, and conveyed to us through, what became known as the 100th monkey method.
This is how a single sperm puncturing a single egg carries all the information necessary to grow a human being. This is the evolutionary process, but the initially embedded information in the sperm and the egg arrived in the phenomenal reality through the process of creation. Since, the process has become fully automated.
Perhaps, as we develop our ability to listen to our unconscious, we shall partake in the creation of other objects, perhaps even other life forms, which are heretofore absent in the world of our senses. Later we might proceed to greater challenges. We might partake in the creation of planetoids, planets, planetary systems, galaxies, even worlds.
Let us never forget that we are immortal. A few million years may do marvels to our abilities. Indeed, Buddha claimed that most of us are still not even as yet awakened to our true potential, never mind using it.
We are gods in waiting—often waiting a very, very long time.
Aren’t you glad that we are immortal? 

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On Love and Hate

I fell in love with the United States of America around 1946, when I learned as a young boy that it was the American army that liberated my father, who’d spent most of the war in the German prisoner of war camp, in Murnau, Germany. They, the Americans, became my instant heroes, even before I was old enough to learn that they helped the whole of Europe to fight back the Nazi scourge of the Second World War.
As I said, I loved the Americans.
Ultimately, I imagined as a natural consequence, Poland, which had spent long years under German occupation, then even longer under the Communist regime, finally liberated herself. For the next number of years Poland was well on the way of regaining her international status as free, democratic and independent nation.
And today I’ve learned that Barack Obama is visiting Poland, to celebrate the arrival of the first 150 American soldiers on Polish soil. They didn’t come when Germany attacked Poland from the west, nor when Soviet Union did the same from the east, but now, that Poland is free and independent, they came with great fanfare.
Contrary to my initial impression of America around 1947, when the incredibly generous ERP Marshall Plan gave Europe $13 billion (that’s close to $13 trillion in today’s dollars), and which put Europe on its wobbly feet, I have very great misgivings about this belated and incomprehensible military mini-invasion. Weren’t the Germans and the Soviets enough? Why must we have American soldiers on Polish soil now?
Ah yes, they came as friends.
They also came as friends to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and possibly to some Central American countries. God save us from the help that they brought to those nations. And those countries weren’t even free and independent. Surely, there is no Al Qaeda in Poland threatening American soil? Poland has vital economic relations with Russia, which also managed to throw off the scourge of communism.
I wouldn’t be surprised if, under only a little pressure from the Big Brother, the present Polish political oligarchs didn’t invite them. As did, under similar circumstances some other nations. But let us not forget that neither in Poland nor in Washington, none of today’s oligarchs were around, when Poland liberated herself. The old heroes are long gone and buried.
So what is the American excuse, or reason? Ego? Economical advantage? World domination?
A friendly gesture with a loaded gun?
I do hope that Washington will not help Poland the way they helped the other countries listed above. Have not Polish people suffered enough? And I want to continue to love and admire the Americans. I really do. 

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