Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Francesco and Gio

You may have noticed that my blogs are often inspired by some of my books. It seems that the muse sitting on my shoulder dictated to me the foretaste of the future. Once or twice we looked behind our backs (Yeshûa and Peter and Paul), but more often than not my Present takes place in the future. This is true of my fiction and fact.
Evidently, since my passion is Human Potential, and since time is an illusory byproduct of movement and distance, my futuristic Present rules supreme. We all know that only purpose of time is to make sure that all things do not happen simultaneously.

And this brings me the Francis.
There are two reasons for this. Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Francis’s real name) and I share Jesuit education. Such schooling can have twofold effect. Either it can cure the young delinquent (that’s me) from Catholic brainwashing, or it can make you a pope.
Guess which turned up to be which. 
Pope Franciscus, (or my favourite: Francesco), though no longer Jorge, benefited from more than just Jesuit conditioning. On his climb to becoming ex officio Bishop of Rome, and the Sovereign of the Vatican City, he went through one other invaluable training. In Buenos Aires he worked as nightclub bouncer.
I have a strange feeling that this short stint equipped him with courage of facing up to other undesirable characters in the Vatican, and enabled him to stand up and, if necessary, kick them out from the ‘club’. Just like in the old days, in Buenos Aires. And trust me, if you read the history of the Catholic Church, that takes an enormous amount of courage. But what truly endeared me to him was the name he chose as his papal name. It was in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi. This alone speaks volumes of what was to happen next.

In my novel, “Headless World—The Vatican Incident”, some of you might recognize the foretaste of what has happened in Rome a few years later, and continues to unfold even now.
Join Anne (heroine of The Avatar Syndrome); her husband—Peter; Sir Ian—the affable maestro; Gabriel—the mystical butler; and their new friend, Gio—the powerful Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, as they unravel the most sinister bid for power the world has ever seen.

To quote one of my reviewers:

"Headless World" pits the traditions and beauty of the Vatican against the cold mechanical might of the American War Machine.

Guess who won!
As with Pope Francesco, the story did not begin in the Vatican. But thanks to the machinations that began in Washington and engulfed practically the whole world, in Vatican Gio gathered new fuel that infused the world with a very different fire. Not the kind Pentagon would propel with napalm. It was fire infinitely more powerful than anything Pentagon could come up with.
See for yourself. Gio and Anne might set you on fire, too. And you’ll no longer feel headless.

Sequel to the Avatar Syndrome
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Friday, 24 July 2015

Divine Void and the Big Bang.

Human rules serve to benefit our bodies. The Universal Laws enhance our creative process. We must bear in mind that before the world came into being, everything already existed in potential form. This potentiality, which the astrophysicists came to call the Void, is referred to by some people as the Source, or just, simply God.
Since the astrophysicists grudgingly admit that before the Big Bang there was no ‘space’, we can safely assume that the Void was omnipresent. Also, they say, the Void, being vacuum, was inherently unstable, and thus produced the Big Bang.

Over the years, due to the inherent instability of the human ego, we assigned to God all sorts of characteristic, which in the Void existed (as did everything else) only in their potential form. The purpose of evolution is to convert the potential into a phenomenal manifestation. Universal Laws control the Process, and the Void (or God) has no further influence on phenomenal activities.
The Universal Laws permit the phenomenal end product to participate in the Process itself. This Process we call Life. It consists of converting ideas into mental patterns, and ignite them with emotional imagination. We, humans, just as all living forms, attest to the adequacy of the Process. We, as such, are only transient means.
We already know from Albert Einstein that nothing in the world can be created or destroyed. However, the vibrations that govern the energies of which the phenomenal Universe consists, originate in the amorphous energy, which permeate the Universal Void. All energies, when subjected to the influence of the energy generated by an idea, initiate rates of vibrations which can transmute from one to another, ad infinitum.
As the Void (Source, God) is inexhaustible, so is the Process. Hence the phenomenal Universe, though in constant flux, and in its different transient forms, remains eternal.

Those of us who wish to participate in the Creative Process in full consciousness, try to discover what particular purpose we are intended to serve. In other words, in what manner and to what end the “idea that we became” is to serve the Universal Purpose.

And this brings us to SACHA, the protagonist of Book III of my Alexander Trilogy. Sacha was obsessed with the notion that, while occupying a phenomenal body, he must serve a unique purpose. It bears mentioning that as the Void is omnipresent, hence it is also within us. That Void, or the Inherent Creative Potential is, as our scientists tell us, inherently unstable. It is the amorphous energy whose creative nature advances evolution towards ever more complex forms.
This is the mystery of Complexity.
Sacha had no idea what his purpose was. Nevertheless, he never doubted that providing he’d not give up, his purpose would become known to him.
It did. It was astounding and inherently unstable. It seemed that Sacha was an instrument through which the human evolution would change course—and do so in most unexpected manner. Nothing could resist it.
Find out for yourself. 

Alexander Trilogy Book III
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Monday, 20 July 2015


I wrote the book some little time after my mother’s death. Both my parents suffered the last few years on Earth—she with dementia, father with Alzheimer’s. They were both fine until they turned 95. Both had long, fruitful lives. The last years, though, were neither fruitful nor a blessing. When you wish someone a long life, be careful what you wish for. It might not be a blessing at all.
But there still were moments of joy.

The title “GATE” came to me when I discovered that when we produce alpha rhythm in our brain, a ‘Gate’ opens into our Subconscious. I capitalize the word because our Subconscious appears to be equivalent to that which members of various religions recognize as Heaven. A place where we wield enormous power, where all our wishes are fulfilled, where we are indestructible regardless of what folly we indulge in. People who learned to enter lucid dreams know what I am talking about.
Others… can learn.
As with all things in life, it is up to every single one of us. I, for one, cannot imagine a reality in which I could be happier, though I am told by more advanced beings that it is only the first heaven, of which there is an infinite number, though all those higher realities, or states of consciousness, are above the realities in which imagination holds sway.
I discussed the subject at length in Book II of my Aquarius Trilogy, “The Pluto Effect”. Later I took it further along in the “Olympus”, in which I opened Eden to the whole of humanity.
It all begun with the Gate.

My mother taught me that one can enter one’s personal “heavenly reality”, almost at will, with just a little, though consistent, effort. She discovered it seemingly by accident. Some people have gifts that do not reveal themselves on the outside. They are just integral to their nature. Mother was like that. She discovered it during the WW2, in Poland. Thanks to this gift she managed to maintain equanimity that belied the conditions and the mortal dangers attendant to her work. Neither her own safety nor even of those close to her ever influenced her decisions of what she considered right or wrong.
For as long as I can remember, she lived in that strange reality that lay beyond what is right or wrong. She lived by what was good and kind, without passing judgment. The rest she left to the benevolence of the Universe.

The GATE is a novel, hence fiction, but I doubt I could have written it without not only mother’s inspiration, but her continued presence years after she’d left her physical body. It seem that if we manage to get rid of most of our ego in the present embodiment, then a great deal of our psyche continues uninterrupted to the next reality. It did for mother. Or for me, each time I enter the Gate.
She continues to teach me things to this day.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Enigma of the Second Coming

To most people, especially in the Wild West, the mention of the “Second Coming” invokes images of clouds convoluting over our heads from which emerges a Man endowed with great power. He may be black or white, brown or blue eyed, dark or golden-haired but to all it is, indubitably, without a shadow of doubt, the irrepressible image of Jesus Christ.
We all seem to have forgotten that Yeshûa went to heaven. The problem is that heaven is WITHIN us, and thus if he is to return it will not happen up above but deep within.
Prepare for another surprise. The event can happen at any time, on any day, to any person.  Individually. Within?

Little more than a 100, some say as early as 71 years, after Yeshûa’s death, his followers longing took a new turn. They quenched their anguish by writing their memoirs. It wasn’t enough. Soon they began to fantasize about their Master’s “Second Coming” in majestic glory.  
Matthew mentions such providential event twice. Others mostly in epistles. Yet the Son of Man insisted on ascending to heaven, and… as we all know, “heaven is within you”. Within you, and me. The scribes let their emotions run wild with them.
 You can guess the rest.
And thus the “Second Coming”, if such there be, must be a total change in the state of consciousness within each one of us. Or at least, some…

Perhaps the Consciousness which incarnated Itself in Yeshûa’s body will look for more propitious hosts to advance phenomenal evolution. It is more than evident that Homo sapiens is an abysmal failure. We are now on the verge of destroying our planet with pollution, nuclear, or political games, which plutocrats are playing at our expense. The end might indeed be near for our species, if not for Earth itself. The Kingdom we have built within will continue.
Sorry, that’s not what my novel is about.

In “ENIGMA”, I offer an inscrutably unique method of saving our world. Whatever you heard, or seen, or hoped for, I am prepared to bet that you’ll never guess how it happens in my book. Yet, how exciting it might be! I saw it in my mind’s eye, within, on the way to my personal heaven.
We must bear in mind that there is only One Life-Force—a single life-sustaining amorphous energy. It manifests Itself through any and all means at Its disposal. Let us remember that at the chemical level, the cells of all animals and plants contain DNA in the same shape: the famous twisted ladder we know as the “double helix”. The molecules of animal DNA and plant DNA are made from the same four chemical building blocks called nucleotides. And physically, we are very much animals.

You might imagine a different Second Coming for us and for our planet. Whatever it might be, don’t count on it. It might be different for each one of us. Even for those who read my book. Let me know.

Of the Second Coming
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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Secrets Unveiled

 I compiled the Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism for quasi atheists. The Dictionary shows that the Bible has little to do with any religion. It is a compendium of knowledge accumulated over a few millennia. It is veiled in symbolic form to preserve it from future generations misusing its secrets. 
The ancients already knew that the physical reality is illusory, Maya, and that the creative process is hidden deep in our psyche. In classical mythology, psyche stood for a personification of soul. In the Bible it stands for, what in modern language we call, the Subconscious. The Neoplatonists regarded soul as “second emanation of the One”, the Universal Consciousness, the animating principle of the world. 
This last is the nearest to my own understanding. I consider us to be the individualizations of Single Consciousness, the underlying principle of all realities. As such It is an indestructible and indivisible part of the Whole.

Why the Dictionary?
The Bible offers power without corruption.
For some reason the learned doctors of the church, or churches, the theological historians, linguists, and perhaps precautionary experts, have decided not to translate of some 3300 both Greek and Hebrew words. Whether they did so knowingly to protect the original meaning, or out of sheer ignorance, remains a moot point. I took it upon myself to find the translation for my readers, assuming that at least some of us may have matured sufficiently to study the original meaning, and not to rely of the sacerdotal fraternity to spoon feed us second-hand, badly transmuted fragments.
Now the secrets of the past are available to you. What you decide to do with them is up to you. In the book I offer a few examples of my own interpretation, leaving the overwhelming rest of the secrets of the Bible in you hands.
And believe me, they are quite incredible secrets. But most of all, they have nothing to do with any religion I can think of. The Bible truly is a study of the reality in which we find our Becoming.
There is another item.
The Bible teaches us not only how to perceive the Truth, but how to apply is in our lives in order to be happy. It truly holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Not the religious heaven after you die, but the true Heaven, the state of consciousness, which awaits to be discovered within your own consciousness.
The rest is up to you.

Finally, I’d like to suggest the principle difference between the mundane thinking and the biblical approach.
According to most scientists, we are (approx.) seven billion, billion, billion (7x1027) atoms, swirling around with many more electrons adding to their diverse orbits.
The Bible teaches you to think of yourself as the intangible eye at the centre of this universal hurricane. Only there you can find peace beyond human understanding. It is that peace that you can find in the Bible if you remove the protective veil.
If you look hard enough.
Good luck. 

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Escape to Paradise

 In my: “Leap of Imagination”, Einstein claimed that imagination is more important than knowledge. Today I must share with you some bad news. The symbolic expulsion of the “first couple” from Paradise was not anchored in time, but it is a perpetual life-lesson for virtually every human being.
As is all Bible.
We are all born in Paradise to a loving mother, a protective father. Usually, the female looks after our day-to-day needs, while the male provides the means and security. This is true of most, not just the human, species. After all, until our behaviour proves otherwise, we are all animals.
Our stint in Paradise doesn’t last. Our parents, teachers, often sacerdotal members of our society, offer us an apple. We awaken to phenomenal reality.
They destroy our imagination.

To repeat, children are born in Paradise. For most of them life is beautiful and carefree. Our innocence allows us to assume that we are truly in heaven, surrounded by unconditional love.
And then comes the first punitive NO!
Thou shalt not do this, that and the other. We, two or three year-old toddlers, sometimes older, look for escape. Wikipedia defines toddler as: “…time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.” Escape is a must. For a while we succeed. We escape into the  kingdom born in our imagination.
Only there, in the new realm, we can sustain our reality of Paradise. Whatever we imagine becomes true. We create our own world and populate it with our dream-beings. We create our own Universe.

Sadly, only some of us manage to escape. The rest are truly expelled from Eden. Lists of dos and don’ts sublimate our intuitive desire to create a reality of our dreams. Slowly but truly we are drawn down to earth, to a reality where physical objects are more real than the ideas from which they originated.
We lose our creative passion.
Slowly we sink down from the realm where ideas become thoughts, and thought fired by imagination become real. Instead we listen to our elders. All too quickly the rate of vibration of creative energies slow down. We don’t even notice that they are not real—that they are empty space; that they are Maya. We begin to live in the past.

To develop our imagination and sustain it for a lifetime, we must start young. Many children enjoy imaginary friends. With them they share equally as imaginative escapades to sate their creative impulse. An impulse not yet sublimated by their parents, school, and all adults. While the elders’ influence might add order and security to our physical life, it also destroys the life within. They destroy our creative instinct.
With notable exceptions (e.g. Einstein or Feynman) most scientists seldom venture outside the field of their expertise. They become skeptical observers. Others are led by the blind. Those in whom creative impulse survived become inventors, artists, and perennial seekers. For them childhood will never end. They spend their life in Paradise.
Trust me, it’s worth it!

A Bedtime Story for all Ages
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Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Immortal Atheist

This will shock many, but contrary to popular belief, Yeshûa, popularly known as Jesus, refused to recognize any ‘external’ divinity. He repeated that his ‘father’ is in heaven, AND that “heaven is within you”.  Within you and me. Within all of us. Everywhere.
Enter religions:
People need gods. They need someone “up there”, who can protect them from all adversity, from everything with which they cannot cope on their own. Yeshûa didn’t. He searched. 
Luke, the evangelist, admits that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man,” (Luke 2:52). He suggests that Jesus had a lot to learn. Yeshûa wasn’t omniscient. He also refused to have people address him as master. He quoted the psalmist “You are gods; and ALL of you are children of the most High.” (Psalm 82:6) Note, not I am, only ye are. And he never claimed to be anything more than a son, one of many children of… the most High.
It seems when he talked about the ‘father’ he was using a term that defined any form of individualized consciousness. He affirmed that ‘spirit’ is ubiquitous, and, like it or not, it is as much in you and me, and in Yeshûa or anyone else.
Hence, the Spirit, or Life, or Consciousness, is not limited to the goody-goody people prostrating themselves at the steps of an altar. It is:


Not up there, or down there, or up here or there, but everywhere—billion light-years away, and here. Yeshûa’s father cannot be individualized in anyone person. It is, to use Yeshûa’s words, “in spirit”. And what spirit is, you have to find out for yourself. It took young Yeshûa eighteen years to discover it for himself. Hopefully, following his example, it might take us less time.
But, please, do it on your own. If you listen to others you’ll have to forget Infinite Love. They might tell you that god is an Old Man who rewards or punishes us forever, as we ‘justly’ deserve. They might be those to whom Yeshûa referred when he said, “let the dead burry the dead”.
The Truth we must always find on our own.

Below you can find out how Yeshûa did it. Or might have done it. How some of us might do it. Or might find our own a better way. Quicker?
It has been said that it is a meticulously researched historical novel describing in intimate detail the 18 years missing from the Biblical accounts in the life of Jesus. I would not advise you to emulate Yeshûa, although you’d be hard put to find a Greater Teacher.
Good luck.
There is nothing as much fun as being ‘atheist’. The only divinity you can ever discover is in heaven; i.e., within you. The only infinite potential you must recognize is the potential hidden deep within your consciousness. Just as Yeshûa did—that spark of immortality within our own consciousness.  
If you do, you’ll never be alone again. Never.
Good luck.

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