Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cats & Dogs

There is an old tradition in the East—where all the great philosophies come from—that there is not only reincarnation threatening retribution but also transmigration. The concept of reincarnation is relatively simple. An Individualized Consciousness returns to phenomenal reality to continue working on the mental and emotional energies it developed in previous incarnations.
Transmigration, on the other hand, implies that the efforts on one’s previous life were so dismal, that one has to go back to square one, or square 84,000, or whatever level one achieved before screwing things up beyond repair. The Individualized Consciousness decides that it might be better off to relearn the first principles of phenomenal reality at mental and emotional level in a body of an animal, which being the product of Universal Laws is closer to Nature.
In all cases it is YOU, the Individual Consciousness that makes such a decision. It is neither punishment nor reward, just expediency. There is no punishment or reward built into Universal Laws. There are only consequences. Just as in Isaac Newton’s Laws.

While most advanced theological thinkers deny the concept of transmigration, I strongly suspect they are influenced by their ego. For some reason we think ourselves superior to other life forms. Yet Love bestowed by females, and often males, throughout animal kingdom strongly denies this hypothesis. I’d as strongly suggest that while Love may be more powerfully anchored in chromosomal make up of animal parents, making them less disposed to acting against their intrinsic nature, nevertheless, it is very powerfully displayed in their behaviour.

We, humans, seem to be virtually the only species that can act against our best interests. It is the first step towards the participation with Universal Laws at conscious level.
And there’s the rub.
While other animal are still subject to inherent control, we can chose to be as stupid, as obnoxious, as homicidal, as disgustingly selfish as we want. What most of us forget is the Law of Karma. It is no more and no less exacting as any other Universal Law. And if we show unprecedented ignorance of Its postulates, then please, don’t be surprised if the next time you visit the phenomenal reality you bark like a dog, or meow like a cat, or crawl like a snake which, judging by your behaviour in your previous life as human, you most resembled. Remember that your next form, shape, the number of neurons in your brain and the ensuing level of intelligence will be most suited your most rapid advancement. Being a dog or a cat may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Snakes are probably reserved only for politicians. Some snakes are very beautiful and they don’t even bite. Or, as Bing Crosby asked, “…would you rather be a fish?” But, he adds, “You could be better than you are… you could be swinging on a star.”

Cats & Dogs
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Amorphous Energy

Einstein made is easy for us. There is no matter, he’d said, all is energy. It differs only in rates of vibration. When the rate slows down sufficiently, we perceive it as matter. Also, he said, nothing can be created nor destroyed in the Universe
That’s all Folks!

As nothing can be created, it must be already there. Whereas nothing can be destroyed, it makes it immortal. Hence, the Creative Potential must be inherent in the Source. It expresses Itself through initiating and then influencing rates of vibration to manifest as different forms of energy.
Thus everything already exists as Potential Amorphous Energy. It is shapeless, formless, indeterminate, unclassifiable. Even as Spinoza refused to define God, so we cannot define Amorphous Energy. What we do know is that ALL attributes exist within It in Potential Form.
We must thus unavoidably conclude that the Amorphous Energy (some people call it God), from which the Universe and therefore we originate, is our Source.
The ONLY Source!

I find it strange that for some reason people are perfectly willing to accept seasons, periods of sleep and renewal, (winter and spring) but only as regards to Nature that surrounds us. We, it seems, are on a one-way trip, from the crib to the coffin.
Not so.
For those who identify themselves with their bodies, the only difference is that for them the cycles of renewal are much longer. For vast majority who have children, most of their attributes are passed on through chromosomes to their progeny. If not, then there are other streams of energy that extend aspects of our lives way beyond our transient physical existence.
For that we must return to Einstein.
The only way we can affirm his theory is to accept that emotions and thoughts are also forms of energy, whose rates of vibrations are much faster than those we perceive as matter. The faster the vibrations, the longer the shelf-life. Hence, emotions continue well beyond our biological life, and ideas expressed in thoughts span much longer still. To illustrate, we continue to love those who already ‘died’ (withdrew from their physical enclosures). As for ideas of great composers, or mystics such as Lao Tsu, Gautama Buddha, or Yeshûa, they seem almost eternal.

Finally, and again according to Einstein, nothing can be created in the Universe. Hence Consciousness must have been an a priori attribute inherent in the Source (as were all other rates of energy—in their Potential Form).
All we need do is to identify ourselves with the Source Energy before it slowed down to vibrations of thoughts, emotions and finally matter, and our immortality is assured.
Our Individualized Consciousness is indivisible from the Universal Consciousness. We can spend lifetimes trying to define the attributes of the Infinite Potential within the Source. Perhaps exploring this infinity is part of the master plan for the Individualization of Consciousness. We all have our unique purpose to pursue.

        Voilà! The mystery of Life unfolded in 500 words.
Thomas offers you more. 

Commentary on Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi)
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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Invisible Man

In broadest sense we can define Love as that which draws us together, and hatred as that which sets us apart. Like centripetal and centrifugal forces. It seems logical to assume that all energies, including Love, change rates of vibration to manifest in different realities.
Since in pre Big Bang state we were, and in a certain respects always remain, an Amorphous One—any departure from this condition is a diminution of Love. Hence, our first awareness of Love occurs at the unconscious or intuitive level. Gradually, often surprisingly, we become aware of sharing ideas, which manifest as thoughts. These evolve from subliminal, seemingly irrational, attraction, until emotions become involved. Sex, is merely the consummation of what is already there.
The most surprising phenomenon of the energy of Love is that we can no longer differentiate between ourselves, and the object of our irresistible attraction. Hence, instead of becoming enslaved, which physical desire produces, we achieve almost euphoric sense of freedom.

I strongly suspect that the abundance of book covers that display various naked female or male bodies inspired me to write a love story. Not a story wherein love is defined by sex, sadomasochistic explorations, interwoven with frequent scattered corpses. Not a murder story with subservient women begging to be treated as dolls, sex-slaves, or insipid men with equal desire to be toy-boys.
I wanted to write a story where Love is defined by the desire to feel intuitive oneness with another person. We tend to place the object of our affection on a pedestal, perhaps expecting more than the person can deliver. There may be struggles, arguments, but there is a line one cannot cross. Neither must push the other to the point where he or she becomes disheartened. A line beyond which he or she no longer gives a damn. Only then we learn that not hatred but indifference is the opposite of love. It is equivalent to universal entropy.
To Absolute Zero.
In my story there would be a union of emotions, seeking a meeting of minds. There will be moments when the spirit that inhabits each of them becomes irresistibly drawn into a sublime union.
That, would be my love story.

We are all unique individualizations of the Whole. Each of us has sublimely unique purpose to fulfill. There are always reasons why from within an ocean of seven billion people, just these two had met to complement each other. Perhaps intended to experience, if only for an instant of eternity, the euphoria of two becoming One again.
That, and that alone leads to the antechamber of heaven, or at the very least offers a whiff of paradise that only they, together, can experience. There and only there one can lose one’s identity, become invisible, lost in the ocean of Love. Perhaps that is what unconditional Love offers.

It worked for Marvin Clark.
Perhaps it can work for you, too. It is quite easy. It simply means becoming invisible.
It’s just a Love Story.

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Imponderable Gifts

We often dream of becoming famous—seldom if ever analyzing what fame entails. In fact, until we awaken to the true reality, our dreams and aspirations are dictated by our egos.
A fatal predisposition.
But things can get even worse. There are occasions when we do not ask for anything. When we are quite content with our own achievements, the results of our own efforts, and then, unexpectedly things happen, which upset the applecart we have so carefully loaded with the fruit of our labours.
We call is fate; or bad luck; or, if we’re religious, the will (or wrath) of Gods. I doubt if anyone of us would ever call such circumstances a “blessing”.
And yet… things happen.
Our carefully prepared plans are laid waste for no reason that we can understand. In times of war, God forbid a “World War”, such as I’d experienced in my youth, we are more likely to accept it. It is much easier to suffer together than individually. When we are “all in this together” we shrug our shoulders and do the best we can.

But this in not how the world works.
The reality of our world is built on individuals. Every single one of us has a specific function to perform, to develop his or her unique talent to enhance the order and harmony of the Universe. As often mentioned in my blogs, Many are called, but only Few are chosen. Luckily only the Chosen ones are subjected to special tasks, often ordeals, which the Many could never cope with. Such ‘gifts’ are arduous enough even for the chosen Few.
The moral of the story is, “be careful what you ask for”. The Universal Laws take you as fast along the eternal road of evolution as you are capable of going. We all travel at our own pace. We must be glad that we are not rushed along the steep climb to the realm where only gods dare walk. Some tried too early and had their wings burned. Ask Icarus. Your time will come as soon as you are ready.

The paradoxes inherent in unwanted gifts are illustrated in the story of Dr. Peter Thornton. He was more than happy minding his own business, doing “his thing” with the nurses in linen closets. He was a brilliant yet also a very ordinary man. Perhaps that is why he’d been chosen.
Dr. Thornton had been granted gifts he’d never asked for, although he did yearn professional success. His wishes had been granted in a very different way than he’d expected. Universal Laws operate on very unexpected premises. By human standards, some gifts can be deadly. Thus again, be very careful what you ask for. You, too, might be given more than you can stew.

Read the book and let me know. And if you promise to write me a review on Amazon, you’ll get a free copy. Your thoughts are important to me. That’s how I learn. 

Book One of the Winston Trilogy
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Thursday, 13 August 2015


I am not competent to discus Quantum Theory. My one consolation is that, apart from Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” TV, nor is anyone else. According to Richard Feynman, if anyone claims to understand Quantum Theory, he or she is lying. He should now. He got the Nobel Prize for attempting to understand it. For knowing more about it than we do. Which, he would be the first to admit, is still not saying much.
Lately it seems that more scientists are attacking theologians then the other way around. Frankly, I wouldn’t care who’d win, as both sides of the equation appear to be sinking into the quagmire of fundamentalism. They are both likely as not to commit a protracted suicide.
To my knowledge, for the first time in human history Quantum Theory introduced the dogma of probability. Since the human species is still in its infancy, anyone stepping into scientific, religious, or even philosophical subject with a fundamentalist certainty is bound to die a painful, protracted, and absurdly unnecessary death.
Even in terms of the present Universe, and there may have been countless little Big Bangs before ‘ours’, we are babes in the woods.
And… it seems, we are advancing deeper and deeper into the jungle of ignorance. We are not advancing but drifting away from the truth.

Hence Pragmatic Realism. Only that which does not deny or infringe on Universal Laws—the Laws that we are only just beginning to study—is OK.
 For now.
All else are DELUSIONS.
If we survive till tomorrow we might learn more about our potential. That would be evolution. Not how to kill people or other members of the animal kingdom. At present we don’t even know how many neurons we have in our heads. Somewhere between 50 and 100 billion our scientists say. A typical neuron fires 5-50 times every second. Before we destroy our planet shouldn’t we at least become aware of the functions of some of the 100 to 1000 trillion synapses? Our potential must be staggering!
We don’t even know how to make our hearts beat faster or how to raise the temperature of our body by an act of our will.
Since our little Big Bang, nature managed to equip us with a magnificent biological computer we call brain. Isn’t it time we began using it? And please, let us never forget that the brain doesn’t think. We think, I suspect we use our mind for that. We use the brain to translate our ideas into the energy of thoughts. The rest follows.
That’s all folks!
Let us learn to use our magnificent computer before we learn how to destroy it. There is not much time left…
Then, and only then, we shall begin to know one or two percent of how the Universe works. And until then, and I address both the scientists and the sacerdotal brethren, please, let us show a little, just a little more humility.
We are still, yet again, in kindergarten. 

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Nature of Reality

No! Not human species. Any species. We all began as an idea. Next: mind evolved. Then imagination joined forces. And, lo and behold, here we are.
You and I, and…  all the species. The amorphous  energy slowing down. 
Recently I converted 152 essays I’d written some years ago into paperback editions. To my surprise I noticed that a number of subjects, so-called ‘mysteries’ I’d ‘unveiled’ there, I am once more dissecting in some of my blogs. This in itself does no harm as my essays delve deeper into the subjects, and there is little chance that the same reader would venture upon both, my Essays and my Blogs. If so, however, they might learn a gentle improvement in my own understanding of the same Truth, let alone an improved ability to be concise.
But this is not the matter that surprised me.
What literally amazed me was that I continually stumble across the same Truth that is imbedded deep within my psyche. I strongly suspect that people who indulge in daily contemplation share the same experience. To abide in the Present, Truth must be continuously rediscovered.
Truth is One, but It can be examined from infinite number of points of view. It is buried deep within us all, waiting to be discovered. Hence my thesis that everything already exists in potential form, and that our eternal task is to bring it out “into the open”, to make it pragmatic, or perhaps to share it with others. Each one of us has something unique to contribute to this journey of discovery. I can but hope that you’ll walk with me part of the way.

As you read my Essays you might sense moments of eureka, moments of discovery, when if fact they were simply moments of recognition that the concepts you read have always been yours, have always hovered on the very edge of your perception, waiting for a propitious moment, or the right push, to come to the forefront of your awareness.
This only means that Truth has always been yours. That it was always within you, but which devolution we all experience since we’ve left Eden and became exposed to exigencies of everyday life, has pushed into deeper recesses of our awareness. There It lingers, silently, waiting for the opportune moment to come to the fore.
I can also but hope that my Essays will reawaken your memories, and that uniqueness of your consciousness will enrich the genetic archetypes in the racial memory.
I’d love to hear from you, to have you share your own memories in the form of (brief) comments, or reviews on the Amazon, or wherever you found my Essays.
I must remind you that I am not a keeper of racial memory, but—we are. You and I, and as of few years ago, some seven billion of us, all waiting and trying to remember where we came from, and to some extent some of us, were we are going.
Until then, happy journey. 

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015


There is a great misconception about our immortality. Religions mention immortal souls without defining what soul is.  
Let us get one thing straight. There is NO TIME in hell, or heaven, or any other destinations made up by the sacerdotal fraternity. The “spirit” or “Individualized Consciousness” has Its being ONLY in the PRESENT.
What happens is that the means through which the Individualized Consciousness finds Its expression in temporal reality, i.e. in that which we call ‘life’, are repeated virtually ad infinitum. Time after time I AM reincarnates Itself to sate Its creative nature through the mental and emotional ‘bodies’ it creates. It is these bodies that are very, very hard to ‘repair’. Hence the illusion of eternity.

As individualized units of Consciousness are inseparable from the Single Universal Consciousness, (the Amorphous Energy people like to call God), it is a little hard to imagine that God would send inseparable parts of Itself to eternal Gehenna, or Hell by any other name. This would be unadulterated masochism.
For all who enjoy the subject of hell, I recommend my Essay #20 in BEYOND RELIGION III, “Eternal Damnation.” You might enjoy it.

When the Individualized Consciousness (I AM) decides to enter another creative cycle, It picks up the mental and emotional bodies previously created. It endeavours to improve those creative means to convert the perfect idea into a manifestation, into a transient phenomenal reality. What matters, therefore, is not the end product as such, but the PROCESS itself.
We call this process LIFE.

There is ample evidence that nature, both flora and fauna, are eternally renewing itself, hopefully advancing towards perfection. We, humans, also procreate, and when we pollute our planet beyond repair, the planet is also re-circulated, even as are cells in our physical bodies.
Thus, there is no need to worry. If we don’t mind having 75 trillion cells in our bodies replaced every few years, then we should expect our planet to be renewed every now and then. After all, it’s for our own good. However, as with everything else in this illusory reality, there are the Many and the Few. When our planet undergoes renewal, most of us will take time off. We call it ‘dying’. Hopefully creative force latent in nature will evolve new biological (or other) robots to house our Consciousness. The Few that survive will serve the new species to find their way around the new Eden, until phenomenal reality takes over again, and sends us, again, along the downward spiral. And again. And again…
Again we shall begin in Eden, and end up in a world where a homicidal maniac might press a red button to initiate atomic holocaust. Or nature herself will take steps to end the dismal cycle of Devolution. There are ways…

Below an example just how renewal might happen. Take a deep breath and remember—the real you is immortal. And also remember that the real you is NOT your ego. Perhaps you should start at the beginning? 

Alexander Trilogy Book III
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Chrysalis of Godhood

 The advocates of natural selection of physical or biological evolution suffer from one fundamental error. While studying the past, they are clearly unaware of the Present. Yet, as is obvious upon reflection, only the Present creates the past. Hence by studying the Present, its consequences are automatically revealed. It is well expressed by Kate Jones, who kindly proofread my novel ELOHIM.

“Man's search for fulfillment and completeness has never had a better articulator and advocate than Stan I. S. Law in 'Elohim'. We witness the chrysalis of godhood growing to dimensions not yet dreamed of. Fascinating characters drawn with an artist's eye of discernment will leave an indelible echo of recognition, and unquenchable hope, in the mind of the perceptive reader.”

(Thank you, Kate)

If we direct our attention at or on the Present, we inevitably become aware of the elusiveness of the phenomenal Universe. The moment we observe any aspect of it, it changes. It is there no more. It is like a piece of music that caresses our ears, and almost immediately merges with the vibrations of the Universe to find immortality only in our memories.
Had we but the courage to realize it, this is true of all other aspects of the phenomenal reality. All things physical, detectible to our senses, are transient, ephemeral, illusory, unreal. Eventually only memories remain, stored in our Subconscious, of which the First Heaven is built.
And yet…
And yet it is only by advancing an idea through mental and emotional rates of vibrations that we can judge if the product of our creativity is worth preserving to enjoy throughout our immortality. And this is what the heroes of my book, Elohim, the men and women who discovered the creative godhood within their awareness, are concern with. The others, the Minions come for a ride, awaiting their turn. But the Masters must live up to their calling.
And let us never forget that there is only one way to be a Master, and that is to act like one.

I hope that reading the Winston Trilogy will inspire you to discover your own potential. Your own Chrysalis of Godhood is waiting, dormant, within you. Within every single one of us. The Creative Potential will not be denied. It is immortal, omnipresent and omnipotent. We are Its instruments. All we need do is to realize it and then cooperate with It as best we can.
This is what real evolution is all about. Not how to improve our technology but how to improve ourselves. How to polish and temper our mental and emotional abilities; to attune ourselves with the Music of the Spheres. When we reach perfect synchronization, perfect harmony with the Universe, we become Sons and Daughters of Gods. We become Elohim, Masters of the Universe.
Welcome to Paradise. 

Winston Trilogy Book II
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