Monday, 24 July 2017

AWAKENING—Event Horizon

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” said Hermes Trismegistus. It is still true.
We, or most of us, imagine that in order to absorb the benefits which will improve, indeed sustain, our lives, we must eat them. We eat animals, vegetables, and whatever doesn’t kill us. This misguided concept originates from a subliminal belief that, since in essence we are ONE, and only through the Universal Law of Creative Diversity we became fragmented, we must recombine the elements which made us what we are, to make us whole again.
There is a tiny grain of truth in this supposition.
We are fragmented; we are essentially ONE; but the creative process is not intended to divide us but to convert more Potential into Manifestation.
Potential is always static. It represents our Being. God is, not was or will be, but IS. We, and the whole phenomenal Universe is a means of Becoming. Where we went wrong, some billions of years ago, was that we strayed too far from the Event Horizon.
We know that whatever is too close to the “Black Hole”, the unknown and unknowable center of Being, we shall fall into it, be absorbed, and thus lose our individuality. On the other hand, if we stray too far from the Event Horizon, we shall drift into territories, mental, emotional (and physical for that matter), where the centripetal force has hardly any effect on us. There, on the very periphery of Becoming, we drift, rudderless, forgetting what is our purpose.
It is imperative to remember the axiom stated by Hermes Trismegistus: “As above so below”. We must remember that the reverse is also true. “As below, so above”. Thus, the definition of the Event Horizon specified by our physicists applies not only to the phenomenal (unreal and transient) universe, but to all other aspects of our individualization.
We should experiment, create, contribute, elaborate, venture into unknown, but never drift too far from the “Straight and Narrow”, from the mental and emotional Event Horizon. We must diversify without losing our identity of being ONE. We must never forget Yeshûa’s words: “My Father and I are one”. This applies to everyone of us. Within us is the centre of our Being. Without us, the totality of our Becoming. The two remain forever, irrevocably ONE.

AWAKENING—The Event Horizon, Book Three of the Avatar Trilogy, offers practical consequences of this premise. Our heroes are among the select ‘Few’, who survive cataclysmic events that befall the whole Earth. They awaken to a new Eden with unprecedented powers yet to be explored.

Just a few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews:

“A fast paced Epic!”
“A mind blowing novel!”
“…the next gigantic step in Human Evolution!”
“The Event Horizon—The Promise We were Given?”

There is more. Much more. You decide. And then, please, let others know with a review on Amazon. And elsewhere. And then look forward to a new Eden.


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Monday, 17 July 2017

OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men

For some reason we love to create and adore idols, yet persistently forget that we are gods. Well, at the very least, we have the potential of gods. Or to put it in another way, if we do not find divinity within ourselves, we are eminently unlikely to find it outside. Up there, or down there, or anywhere other than in heaven. And, let us never forget that: “Heaven is within you”, hence, so is Infinite Potential. Hence…
You work it out.
Yeshûa did. “I and my Father are one”, he said. And as Moses had already stated, “Thou shalt have no other god before me”.  The ancient prophets also have known. “Ye are gods” they affirmed. And when Moses brought the Decalogue from the mountain, it had been given to him by I AM.
To a lesser degree, the ancient Greeks also had the right idea. They had a whole bunch of gods, residing at the top of Olympus. And what was the Olympus? A sort of heaven?
Well, not quite.
It was a high state of consciousness wherein all gods abide. Yes, all gods. Including those within you and me.
As I was saying, you work it out.

And this brings us, again, to my AQUARIUS TRILOGY. We all climb the mountain, the often steep slopes of consciousness, to rise to that which resides within us. Those who do it consciously, get there faster. Those who don’t also get there, though it might take them a few million years. Or… a few billion years. Time is just a figment of our imagination, which only makes sense in this imaginary, ephemeral, illusory reality in which we all have our becoming. The truth lies beyond our senses.
There is a catch, however. In order to evolve, to make room for new knowledge, we must get rid of the old. Old concepts that hold us back.

In my novel, due to Pluto Effect, all hell breaks loose. Governments and social structures collapse. A few small groups of advanced beings gather in secret sanctuaries to protect and preserve the remnants of human heritage they deem worth saving. Our heroes escape to Milos, a fabulous Greek Island. Only there they have a chance to survive the apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles.
There are unexpected benefits to their survival.
Eventually Simon also becomes aware of the magnificent powers lying dormant within him.
This could be… you!
PS. Don’t ever forget that gods have an excellent sense of humour. I sometimes think that we are their best jokes.

A few blurbs from 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.

Third book still has it!
A brilliant end to the trilogy
Captivating and thought-provoking!
A Fantastic Conclusion To A Great Trilogy!
WOW gorgeous conclusion to a brilliant series!

And others…

Let me know if you enjoyed it or, better still, say so on Amazon… Reviews are gratefully appreciated. And don’t forget Books 1 & 2 of the Aquarius Trilogy.
Thank you!

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Monday, 10 July 2017

PLUTO EFFECT — The Catharsis of Man

Cleansing comes to us in many different ways. Even as seasons renew the flora, so Zodiac’s function is to renew our nature, the fauna, the animal, hence the human kind. The cleansing process may come in many, often unexpected ways. Our history attests to the process having taking place many times in the past.
Evolution does not progress up an even slope. It often moves in hops and leaps, often seemingly regressing only to gather new strength to surge forward with renewed energy. Also, one “cannot pour new wine into old skins.” We are the skins. Wine symbolizes secret or new knowledge. We must be cleansed in order to accept it into our consciousness.
Hence the need for catharsis.
And the cleansing must be thorough. It must include an emotional release of false traditions; a venting of acquired old habits; a purging and purification of concepts misinterpreted by various religions. Yeshûa had done it to the Hebrews some 2000 years ago. They’d already forgotten the Mosaic creed, the teaching of the prophets. Yeshûa did little more than attempt to restore the truth which humans, in our arrogant egoistical manner tend to forget. The four rider of the Apocalypse provide another illustration of our weaknesses.
Alas, the Universal Laws will not be denied.
The purpose of religion was never to get people to a church or any other place of “worship”, but to show how to live according to Universal Laws. Einstein called them the “The thoughts of God”. These Laws cannot be denied, abrogated, or bypassed. They are eternal in their potential form, and our job is to manifest them in our becoming. All creation takes place within their parameters.
It seems that the secret of Infinity is Balance. The centrifugal and centripetal forces held in an eternal state of Equilibrium. We can vacillate all we want but only within the limits prescribed by the Laws. Sooner of later we return to the “Straight and Narrow” path of the Event Horizon. More about this in my book AWAKENING. 

As for the PLUTO EFFECT, Book Two of the Aquarius Trilogy, read my book carefully. It might save your life. Pluto symbolizes the energy responsible for change that takes place in our subconscious. At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, under the influence of Pluto, the world order is on the brink of total collapse. Those who know about the ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not… will have to face the consequences, which will change mother Earth forever. Read it NOW!

A few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Wonderful Reading!
A beautiful continuation!
Book One Brought Me Here!
Lovely, deep and exciting book!
A fascinating philosophical novel!
Only the best from Author Stan I.S. Law!
Get ready to think and then be blown away!

And many more…

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Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
And don’t forget Books 1 & 3 of the Aquarius Trilogy. 

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Monday, 3 July 2017

WALL—A story of Love, Sex, and Immortality

Another love story? Well, certainly more than just a romance. A deep, fulminating, all consuming romance abounding in passion that grows inevitably into love. A romance that takes you out of this world. Literarily. It defies what some of us still recognize as breaking the laws of nature.
Not so. Laws of nature cannot be broken.
They are, as Einstein would call them, “Thoughts of God”. Our heroes do not break them, but they learn more about them than the present-day scientists. Our heroes walk through walls— even as St. Peter did, once. A long, long time ago. He didn’t break any laws either. Nor will you if you follow Simon and Ambrosia. I did, in my lucid dreams. They did it wide awake. So can you, once you learn how.
The world may collapse. In fact it does. Even now it is undergoing the purifying Pluto; a Zodiacal cleansing. But fear not. Love conquers all. At least for our heroes it does. Such is the power of love.

For a number of years I have been defining my books as visionary-metaphysical, with scientific and fantasy overtones. Well, I still do, but recently I came to a strange realization. The glue that holds all the stories together is not just romance but love of a man and a woman. They meet under different circumstances, their relation and attraction to each other may be immediate or progressive, but the growing emotions they share are long. Abiding. Never waning.
Have I authored some thirty books of romances?
And not just romances… Love, both as an emotion and as centripetal force drawing us together seems to dominate all my stories.
Or so it seems.
Contrary to all my previous assertions I had to face the fact that I write romances. Deep, sometimes disturbing, often enigmatic or problematic, but always romances. Amor vincit omnia maybe  an old Latin affirmation, but its just as true as it was in the days of Caesar. So  prepare yourself. WALL - Love, Sex, and Immortality is just. You will walk through walls, overcome  inhuman difficulties, but you will also make love on a sun-drenched Greek island. Then you will witness cataclysms such has haven’t happened for thousands of years, but, love will conquer all.  Some eighteen 5-STAR reviews attest to it.

Some blurbs on Amazon:

Loved it!
Brain Food!
Reality or Fantasy? Don't Miss it!
A must-read for OBE enthusiasts!
Another mind-bending tale from Law!
Smart, compelling and absolutely original!
A Romance of the Physical and Metaphysical!
Explores Love, Sex and Immortality Like No Other!

And many more…

Let me know if you liked the WALL, or better still, say so on Amazon, and then enjoy the rest of the Trilogy. The PLUTO EFFECT will test your resilience to survival, and OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men will be your just rewards. If you survive, of course. Read the books carefully, all three of them, they might help…

Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
I need to know your thoughts. 


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Monday, 26 June 2017


Live and let live. To each his/her own. And yet… During the last few years, I noticed a disturbing metamorphosis. While I’d expect such from male members of the human species, better known as inveterate sex-maniacs, there is a growing number of women who once expected respect from men, who now write books with their front covers displaying naked, or mostly naked bodies. First,  there were just females who stripped for the camera. Later, men with washboard stomachs, or muscular deltoids, were also expected to strip at least down to the waist, and display what evidently became most attractive to the present day females.
That’s right. Not his face, or his character, or his talent, or friendship, or position in life, but stomach and back musculature.
Women, likewise, decided that unless they strip and display primary or at least secondary sexual characteristics, then no man would even look at them. Again, no intellect, or grace, of charm, or innate femininity, let alone innocence, but sexual characteristics. (Remember Audrey Hepburn?) Perhaps they concluded that unless they display them, openly, on the front cover on virtually every book they write, no one would even look at it, let alone buy it.
It appears that we inscribed a full circle. We began as purely physical animals, and now we returned to our original fascination. No mind, no brain, no imagination, but… sex. Pure or dirty, no matter, as long as it is unadulterated sex.
They, the male and female members of our species, who write those books, call themselves “authors” — the title that had once been reserved for progenitors of literature. No insult intended. After all, live and let live, and it is their choice. But in my life, women will remain women, not just females.
Anyway, it seems that the Jains were right some 7 centuries BC. Evolution does move in cycles. We start as spirit and descend into abysmal materiality, only to be reborn as spirit once again. We shall see. Or at least, some of us will.

Evidently, I’m old-fashioned. For me, both, men and women are much more than a pieces of meat designed to sate each others animalistic desires. Hence, my concept of romance is different. Below, an example.
Marvin Clark, a man as shy as he is retiring, assumes a cloak of invisibility to protect himself from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoys are into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman enters his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts Marvin erected so carefully begin to crumble. Will she set him free?

A few blurbs from some 5-STAR reviews on Amazon.

I loved it!
Heart Warming!
Profoundly Moving
Beautiful Love Story!
Romance and Self Discovery!
Fantastic characters and story!
A classy read, fresh as they get!
Unlike any love story I've read before!
A Classy and Wonderfully Written Love Story!

And many more…

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Monday, 19 June 2017

CATS & DOGS Energy of Life

Life is not a biological function.
Life is an indestructible energy that offers vitality and vigor, often verve, high spirits, exuberance, zest, and enthusiasm to be creative. Life energy is as omnipresent as Consciousness itself. It tends to enter and enliven anything and everyone who can foster, promote, and stimulate its inherent potential.
In addition, Life stimulates change. It introduces, enriches and maintains a progressive change for as long as the instruments through which it manifests itself can sustain it. When they can no longer do so, it withdraws from the phenomenal universe and awaits a suitable medium, to display once again its infinite variety of characteristics. We know its activity as evolution.

The presumption that men, that humans, are the only species that manifests divine life is absurd. While it is true that we can define life as the manifestation of the divine, to usurp and limit its manifestation to a semi-intelligent species is truly absurd. We, who hardly began to walk on our  hind legs, (presumably to better kill the opposing species with our hands), can hardly aspire to divinity. That is not to say that we do not bear the potential to rise above our present level. Indeed, the biological robot known as man has achieved a degree of artificial intelligence, though this degree is very questionable. Nevertheless, if we do not destroy ourselves with the technology which progressively takes over the need to use our neurons, we might rise above our present self-immolating level. History has not yet been written.
As for the intelligence of other species it brings us to Cats and Dogs. In my short stories, those two represent all species which we consider inferior, yet which are smart enough not to start armed conflicts, wars, let alone inventing an hydrogen bomb. Yes, in many way they are vastly superior to us.

If you like cats and dogs, and love, and sex, and suspense, and mystery, and murder (sorry about that)... and don't forget humor, you’ve come to the right place. 
Every single story has been dictated to me by my friends. They don’t always come out quite right, but, well, nothing is perfect in this world. (“After all,” they said in perfect unison, “we are cats and dogs”). And you can laugh on Amazon for 82¢. Now that’s funny already!

A few 5-STAR blurbs on Amazon.

So, So Clever!
Entertaining Uniqueness!
Thoroughly Entertaining!
Funny True But Inspirational Too!
Delightful and entertaining stories!

Plus all those you’ll add!

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Coming soon

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Eternal Metamorphosis

The only reality is Consciousness. Everything else is illusion. Peter was among the Few who knew that. Paul struggled, but at the very end he realized that he’s not dying, but gaining awareness of eternal life. That’s well worth getting rid of the transient, imaginary, elusive physical body. Unfortunately his followers lost what he had gained.  
Of course, Peter and Paul, were both right. We all manifest individualizations of the amorphous energy of Life. Together, no, not just on Earth but within the Infinite Realities, we are One. You and I, and our cats and dogs, and all of animal kingdom. And the trees, and grass. And flowers. Yes, and the ‘aliens’ throughout the multiverse. Present and past. And the future ones.
We are all manifestations of the exogenous Energy of Life. Omnipresent Consciousness invades and uses whatever It’s creative impulse provides. Vibrating at different rates only to eventually, inevitably, return to be, once again, ONE.
Nothing can be created, nothing destroyed, said Albert Einstein. Just metamorphosed. So say mystics, saviours, and advanced scientists.
There is no paradox between science and faith. There is between primitive ‘scientists’ and the sacerdotal fraternities, but not between science and faith. Most physicists agree that the world we perceive with our senses, our technology, and defined with our equations, consist exclusively of energy. This omnipresent energy vibrates at different rates, changing from one form to another. Yet this was still unknown in the days of Paul. Even after he metamorphosed from Saul to Paul. Not until the very end. And this brings us to PETER & PAUL, the intuitive sequel to YESHÛA.

Yeshûa (Jesus) is gone. Times of agony, lonesomeness, murder, treachery, and destruction follow. The inhuman struggle to spread the Word among people set in pagan ways calls for ultimate sacrifice. Yet love emerges victorious.
PETER & PAUL exemplify and the Few that are chosen, and the Many that are called. You alone can decide to which group you belong. Even so, there is the “3rd Party” who were neither called nor chosen. They are the masses already equipped with the brains, yet still struggling to become human. It is not easy. There is nobles oblige. You must choose to be chosen.

A few blurbs from some 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Great Read!
Brought to life!
Very enjoyable!
Fascinating read!
Really enjoyed the book.
Historical fact dramatized.
We are all Spiritual Giants.
Historical Fiction Done Well.
Great feel for history and culture.
Fantastic exploration of early Christianity.
Excellent Look Into Peter and Paul's World.

And others…

(The book also includes preliminary research, which led the author his conclusions.)

Let me know if you like it or, better still, say so on Amazon… 
Reviews are gratefully appreciated.
And don’t forget the prequel YESHÛA—The Memoir…


Sequel to

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